Lancashire Accountant Records 20 per cent Rise in Payroll

Posted on April 21, 2016 - Business News, News

Abrams Ashton Chorley has seen the take up of its payroll services rise by a fifth during the first two months of the year.

The leading accountancy and business advisory practice provides payroll services for small to medium-sized firms across Lancashire and cites auto-enrolment as a key driver behind the surge in outsourced provision.

Payroll is now the firm’s fastest-growing service, with smaller businesses in particular seeking expert assistance to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and comply with increasingly complex tax and employment legislation.

Abrams Ashton, said: “There’s so much research out there that shows the difficulties businesses face when trying to meet complicated payroll regulations, with auto-enrolment the latest headache for smaller firms.

“2016 really was the year of auto-enrolment, with thousands of small and micro-employers faced their staging date in this year. Setting up and running a pension scheme in-house can be daunting, with more and more businesses recognising the benefits that an accountant can provide in helping to eliminate the hassle and prevent any potential compliance issues with The Pensions Regulator.”

“The new mandatory living wage is also a concern for small businesses in low pay sectors such as retail and care, who will struggle with increased costs, forecasting and budgeting – something that will make payroll and business planning even more challenging.”

Abrams Ashton, located on St Thomas Road in Chorley, has provided outsourced payroll services to more than 150 businesses during its 30-year history.