SERVICES / Corporate Finance

Buying and Selling

When buying or selling a business it is important to speak to experts to create a strategic plan to determine suitable acquisition criteria, in order to identify suitable candidate companies. It is often important to conduct feasibility studies and develop strong negotiating strategies financially.

We can help by:

  • Performing financial and operational due diligence
  • Preparing all necessary financial projections
  • Identifying potential finance sources
  • Preparing and presenting applications for finance
  • Assisting with post-acquisition integration

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is another area that we can provide top quality help and advice on. It doesn’t matter whether your company is a completely new start up, or if you have been established for years, you need to make sure that you have the right finance with the right structure.

Our team are on hand to:

  • Carry out a feasibility study of your projects
  • Help you choose the most suitable source of finance for your business
  • Prepare the necessary business plans and forecasts
  • Present your proposal to your chosen source of finance
  • Arrange a disposal, merger/acquisition, or management buyout/in

Retirement Strategies

We also provide help and advice when it comes to Retirement Strategies. We will recommend solutions that are tailored to your particular needs, to cover the following:

  • Exit strategies
  • Pension provision
  • Savings and investments
  • Life assurance and long term care

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