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This side of any business is very time consuming and quite often, valuable time is wasted by having to manage this internally within your company.

Whether you require us to help you maintain your books, or your requirements are more towards adding the final elements to your bookkeeping systems, we will provide this service to you at a fixed price, providing you with value for money.

In order to fully understand your requirements, we will discuss this with you first, allowing us to set up the most appropriate ways to move this service forward.

Accounting Software

Which accounting software is right for you?

  • Unsure which software to use;
  • Do you feel you are being pressured by your current accountant to use one particular software i.e. the one they use, which may not be the right one for you.
  • Cloud software, desktop software is it all becoming to much.
  • Do you need or do you want to use software.

We are QuickBooks and Xero accredited along with Sage and other accounting software.

Here at Abrams Ashton we help “You” choose the right solution for “You”.

Automated Data Entry

Smarter books. Easier lives.

AutoEntry captures the data from your invoices, receipts and bank statements; you categorize them and then publish them through to your accounting software or share with your accountant.

This removes the grind, pain and hassle of manual data entry.

  • Photograph, scan or email the documents
  • Let AutoEntry do the data entry work for you
  • Publish results to accounting software

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